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Restaurants in Sutherland

Choose a place for great food at one of 5 Sutherland restaurants. View a restaurant in Sutherland and nearby suburbs, by cuisine - select from the menu. Featured restaurants highlight some of the best Sutherland restaurants. Many offer home delivery.

Major Sutherland restaurant locations: 1 restaurants in Prices Highway, 1 restaurants in Belmont Street.

 Restaurants Sutherland - Chamber Cafe Restaurant

Chamber Cafe Restaurant

40 Belmont St, Sutherland 02 9542 2339
Tags: Mod-Oz Cafe
 Restaurant Sutherland - Elevate Nightclub & Bar

Elevate Nightclub & Bar

, Sutherland 02 9542 1779
Tags: Mod-Oz Bar Nightclub
 Restaurants Sutherland - Royal Hotel Brasserie

Royal Hotel Brasserie

, Sutherland 02 9548 5500
Tags: Mod-Oz
 Restaurant Sutherland - Sass Modern Dining

Sass Modern Dining

, Sutherland 02 9545 6571
Tags: Mod-Oz
 Restaurants Sutherland - Stapletons


1st Floor 782 Prices Highway, Sutherland 02 9521 8747
Tags: Mod-Oz

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