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Restaurants in Granville

Choose a place for great food at one of 4 Granville restaurants. View a restaurant in Granville and nearby suburbs, by cuisine - select from the menu. Featured restaurants highlight some of the best Granville restaurants. Many offer home delivery.

Major Granville restaurant locations: 2 restaurants in Good Street, 1 restaurants in Parramatta Road.

 Restaurants Granville - Okori Teppanyaki

Okori Teppanyaki more...

111 Parramatta Rd, Granville 02 9891 1708
Tags: Japanese Teppanyaki

 Restaurants Granville - Apadana Restaurant

Apadana Restaurant

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3-5 Good Street, Granville 02 9682 1929
Tags: International
 Restaurant Granville - Melita Eagles Soccer Club

Melita Eagles Soccer Club

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Everley Rd, Granville 02 96454413
Tags: none
 Restaurant Granville - Thim Thai Restaurant

Thim Thai Restaurant

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477 Good St, Granville 02 96378175
Tags: Thai

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Okori Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant Parramatta and Granville Sydney North Short
Okori Japanese Teppanyaki
Sydney NSW

Trm Ichi Teppanyaki
Tem Ichi Teppanyaki
Lots of Fun
Parramatta NSW