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Restaurants in Cabramatta

Choose a place for great food at one of 20 Cabramatta restaurants. View a restaurant in Cabramatta and nearby suburbs, by cuisine - select from the menu. Featured restaurants highlight some of the best Cabramatta restaurants. Many offer home delivery.

Major Cabramatta restaurant locations: 11 restaurants in John Street, 4 restaurants in Park Road.

 Restaurants Cabramatta - An Lac Vegetarian Restaurant

An Lac Vegetarian Restaurant

94B John St, Cabramatta 02 97275116
Tags: none
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Bau Truong Restaurant

Bau Truong Restaurant

10/70 John St, Cabramatta 02 97274492
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Cafe Cay Du

Cafe Cay Du

Shp 4-5 294 John St, Cabramatta 02 97232696
Tags: Vietnamese Cafe
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Camira Chinese & Thai Food Restaurant

Camira Chinese & Thai Food Restaurant

1/ 50 Park Rd, Cabramatta 02 97281052
Tags: Chinese Thai
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Dai Lam Son Seafood Restaurant

Dai Lam Son Seafood Restaurant

1/111 John St, Cabramatta 02 97550091
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Digger

Digger's Bar & Grill

PO Box 397, Cabramatta 9727 3600
Tags: Mod-Oz Bar
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Dong Ba

Dong Ba

5/ 40 Park Rd, Cabramatta 02 97550727
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Duy Linh

Duy Linh

10/117 John St, Cabramatta 02 97279800
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurants Cabramatta - German-Austrian Club, Black Forest Restaurant

German-Austrian Club, Black Forest Restaurant

73 Curtain St, Cabramatta 02 97287724
Tags: none
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Good Luck BBQ House

Good Luck BBQ House

Shop 18 24-28 Hughes St, Cabramatta 02 97240661
Tags: Asian
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Huong Xua Restaurant

Huong Xua Restaurant

180 Cabramatta Rd, Cabramatta 02 97550388
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Master Chef Dim Sim

Master Chef Dim Sim

B1/53 Park Rd, Cabramatta 02 97274060
Tags: Chinese
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Minh Restaurant

Minh Restaurant

42 Arthur St, Cabramatta 02 97265195
Tags: Asian
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Ngoc Duc

Ngoc Duc

19/105 John St, Cabramatta 02 97550844
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Pho 54

Pho 54

2/ 54 Park Rd, Cabramatta 02 97261992
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Pho Tau Bay

Pho Tau Bay

12/117 John St, Cabramatta 02 97264583
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Silver Pearl Seafood Restaurant

Silver Pearl Seafood Restaurant

111 John St 1st Floor, Cabramatta 02 9755 0091
Tags: Seafood Chinese Vietnamese Function-Venue
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Tan Viet

Tan Viet

Shop 3 100 John St, Cabramatta 02 97276853
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurants Cabramatta - Thanh Binh

Thanh Binh

52A John St, Cabramatta 02 97279729
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurant Cabramatta - Viet Trung

Viet Trung

6/105 John St, Cabramatta 02 97541708
Tags: Vietnamese

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