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Restaurants in Dickson

Choose a place for great food at one of 18 Dickson restaurants. View a restaurant in Dickson and nearby suburbs, by cuisine - select from the menu. Featured restaurants highlight some of the best Dickson restaurants. Many offer home delivery.

Major Dickson restaurant locations: 4 restaurants in Woolley Street, 4 restaurants in Challis Street.

 Restaurants Dickson - Asian Noodle House

Asian Noodle House

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29 Woolley St, Dickson 02 62476380
Tags: Asian
 Restaurant Dickson - Aulac Vietnamese Vegetarian Restaurant

Aulac Vietnamese Vegetarian Restaurant

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Shop 4139 Woolley Street, Dickson 02 6124 6547
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurants Dickson - Bellucis Trattoria-Dickson

Bellucis Trattoria-Dickson

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Cnr Cape & Woolley Streets,, Dickson 02 6257 7788
Tags: Italian
 Restaurant Dickson - Deli Marco

Deli Marco

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Dickson Shopping Centre off Anthill St, Dickson 02 62477763
Tags: Mod-Oz
 Restaurants Dickson - Eclipse Restaurant

Eclipse Restaurant

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26 Challis Street, Dickson 02 6262 5582
Tags: none
 Restaurant Dickson - Fekerte

Fekerte's Ethiopian Cuisine

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74/2 Cape St, Dickson 02 62625799
Tags: Ethiopian
 Restaurants Dickson - Jimmys Place

Jimmys Place

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13-15 Wolley Street, Dickson 02 6248 8188
Tags: Mod-Oz
 Restaurant Dickson - Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant

Kingsland Vegetarian Restaurant

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Shop 5, Dickson Plaza, 28 Challis Street, Dickson 02 6262 9350
Tags: Mod-Oz Vegetarian
 Restaurants Dickson - McDonald


edit listing...
Badham St & Dickson Pl, Dickson
Tags: Family
 Restaurant Dickson - Mountain Creek Wholefoods

Mountain Creek Wholefoods

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5 Dickson Plaza,28 Challis St, Dickson 02 62629350
Tags: none
 Restaurants Dickson - Pho Phu Quoc

Pho Phu Quoc

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Shop 4 Block 6 Cape St, Dickson 02 62496662
Tags: Vietnamese
 Restaurant Dickson - Rasa Sayang

Rasa Sayang

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43 Woolley Street, Dickson 02 6249 7284
Tags: Malaysian
 Restaurants Dickson - Ruby Chinese Restaurant

Ruby Chinese Restaurant

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18 Woolley Street, Dickson 02 6249 8849
Tags: Chinese
 Restaurant Dickson - Tak Kee Roast Inn

Tak Kee Roast Inn

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10 Woodley St, Dickson 02 62574939
Tags: Chinese
 Restaurants Dickson - Thai Garden

Thai Garden

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Shop 4 Dickson Plaza, Woolley St, Dickson 02 62627222
Tags: Thai
 Restaurant Dickson - Trinity


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28 Challis St, Dickson 02 62625010
Tags: none
 Restaurants Dickson - Turk

Turk'oz Pide

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6 Challis St, Dickson 02 62628722
Tags: Turkish
 Restaurant Dickson - Zeffirelli Pizza Restaurant

Zeffirelli Pizza Restaurant

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5/55 Wooley Street, Dickson 02 6258 4190
Tags: Pizza

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