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More European Restaurants near Katoomba

Enjoy additional European cuisines such as Austrian, Armenian, Dutch, English, German, Hungarian, Irish, Portuguese, Belgian, Russian and Swiss at a restaurant near Katoomba. Individual pages are available for selected European cuisines. Three European cuisine restaurants are listed in Katoomba.

 More European Restaurants Katoomba - Bacchus Woodfire Restaurant

Bacchus Woodfire Restaurant

92 Bathurst Rd Basement, Katoomba 02 4782 3965
More European Restaurants Katoomba; Tags: Mediterranean
 More European Restaurant Katoomba - Echoes


Echoes Boutique Hotel & Restaurant 3 Lilianfels Ave, Katoomba 02 4782 1966
More European Restaurant Katoomba; Tags: Mediterranean
 More European Restaurants Katoomba - The Swiss Cottage Restaurant

The Swiss Cottage Restaurant

132 Lurline St, Katoomba 02 4782 2281
More European Restaurants Katoomba; Tags: Swiss

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