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More Asian Restaurants near Bowen Hills

Enjoy additional Asian cuisines such as Burmese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Sri-lankan and Taiwanese at a restaurant near Bowen Hills. Individual pages are available for selected Asian cuisines. Three Asian cuisine restaurants are shown below from suburbs near Bowen Hills. No Asian cuisine restaurants are listed in Bowen Hills.

 More Asian Restaurants Bowen-Hills - Sama Sama

Sama Sama

170 Oxford Street, Bulimba. 1 km from Bowen-Hills 07 3399 9838
More Asian Restaurants Bowen-Hills; Tags: Indonesian Cafe
 More Asian Restaurant Bowen-Hills - Singapore Lah

Singapore Lah

China Town Mall,8 Duncan St, Fortitude Valley. 1.5 km from Bowen-Hills 07 32520227
More Asian Restaurant Bowen-Hills; Tags: Asian
 More Asian Restaurants Bowen-Hills - Red Firecracker

Red Firecracker

5/11 Macquarie St, Teneriffe. 2.1 km from Bowen-Hills 07 3666 0828
More Asian Restaurants Bowen-Hills; Tags: Asian

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